Petit Bois Pocket Cheese Board

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The Petit Bois is custom-designed to pair perfectly with the Vin Horizontal Tote. It’s small enough to fit in your back pocket for any on the go outdoor eating occasion.

Made of USA Grown Maple Wood, the Petit Bois comes coated with non-toxic, food-safe mineral oil. Custom made in San Francisco, CA.

Dimensions * 7.5" x 3.5" x 0.25" * Fits perfectly within the side pockets of our Vin Horizontal Tote.

Materials * Hand tooled out of Solid Eastern Hard Maple. * Leather loop handle.

Care * Hand wash with lukewarm soapy water, then rinse and air dry by placing the board on its long edge on a dish rack, or pat dry with a towel. * To maintain and protect the wood's luster, re-oil as needed by rubbing oil onto the board and leaving it to sit overnight — you can reap a number of benefits and have a cutting board that will last many years.

Made in San Francisco, CA

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