Aplat is a culinary design company that makes products centered around sharing food, wine, and flowers. Our products are for people and the planet, changing the way we live at home and changing the way our industry manufactures.

Whenever we have conversations with old friends or new customers, we notice that Aplat becomes a vehicle to share stories about food and gathering. There’s something really special for us about bringing friends and family together - you just need to bring something good with you.

Our 100% organic cotton canvas is 10oz, food-safe, and produced from environmentally friendly materials and fabrication methods using sustainable fibers along with low impact dyeing methods preserving the Earth's precious resources. 

We manufacture locally in San Francisco, California, where we can be involved with our factories and design process. Throughout our manufacturing production, all our products are made with zero waste. We utilize origami principles to build volume through folds. Origami design practice deepens our understanding and strategy for zero waste design and manufacturing. We believe this design approach can help reduce pre-consumer textile waste on the planet, and inspire people to reduce the use of non-renewable plastic and elastic in their kitchen.

Because we honor our zero-waste practices in our daily work, we also want to make products for others to do the same. We hope to grow awareness for responsible design, and create new partnerships with sustainable companies & organizations who align with our mission.

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