Tomas Proulx

Raised on the edge of the Mojave desert in Apple Valley California. Grew up on adventure and sunshine.  Dedicated some time as a steward of the land. Live and work in San Francisco California.

"Tom Proulx’s art and sculpture is a poignant reflection of humanity’s paradoxical relationship to nature. As our world teeters on the edge of ecological collapse, Tom’s art remains a vital reminder of the impact even our best intentions can have on the natural world. Jagged cuts and manipulations of fire scarred redwood juxtapose themselves against masterfully carpentered live edges, all in service of the effortless natural beauty the wood retains. Taken in conjunction, Tom’s craftwork and the beauty of his materials highlight humankind’s remarkable ability to transform the natural world, imbuing it with both remarkable beauty and terrible consequences." - Tom Connelley

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