Christine Munroe

Owner + Designer of Language of Knots - Christine Munroe

Christine Munroe is a fiber artist based in California’s Bay Area, though her roots are located back east on the Rhode Island farm where she grew up as the fifth of sixth siblings, all of whom were expected to do their part tending to the livestock and agriculture. That childhood instilled in Christine more than a few lessons, among them that art and fashion are an effective means of establishing individuality in a busy environment, and that resourcefulness is a virtue that should always be celebrated.

These convictions lie at the heart of Christine’s love of macrame. Knots have been passed down for centuries, millennia even, because of their necessity in so many aspects of life. They are critical to human survival and success, making them an ideal medium for an artist of her background. Christine takes her specific inspiration from Celtic and Chinese knotting, updating the traditional macrame stylings of the 70's and 80's by focusing more on the artistry and potential of individual knots. 

Working with all cotton rope and natural colors, she aspires to create pieces that function like a warm fire in an otherwise cold room, adding warmth and interest to an interior while giving the eye a place to focus and world to dive into.

You can follow Christine on Instagram @languageofknots

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