What is Wine Wednesday?

Wine Wednesday was started by my fiance way back in 2012 in Boston. What started as a weekly hang out centered around wine transitioned over the years into a monthly event in our one bedroom apartment here in San Francisco. 

Until 2020 the gathering happened on a regular cadence for 7.5 years. During the pandemic the event was put on hold and we are fianlly bringing it back! This time in a space filled with plants and local art. 

The idea is this: If you meet someone you want to get to know more, invite them to Wine Wednesday! With the consistent schedule it is easy to always 'have in your back pocket' and a low stakes way to see someone again. The rules are simple - bring a bottle of wine to share, and enjoy getting to know someone new. 

See the events calendar to find out when the next Wine Wednesday is. 

Interested in attending but not a member? No problem! Be our guest and become a Friend of Common Space when you feel called to. 

If you have any questions about the event, please send us an email or message us on Instagram. 

Email: hello@commonspacesf.com | IG: @commonspacesf

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