10/18 Wellness Wednesday - Girl's Night Inward

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Allow us to create a cozy nest for you to feel held and surrounded by a sanctuary of nourishment. When our body is cared for, the mind slows down, allowing for deeper self-exploration to arise.

Envision an adult slumber party where instead of being dressed to impress, you are encouraged to come as you are in a way that makes you feel comfortable in your skin. Time for self-care and to be taken care of! In return, your authentic presence will enable the same for others!

The evening is dedicated to creating more sisterhood in our community where relationships can be rooted in mutual understanding, empathy, love, friendship, and support.

Guided Light Movement 🧘‍♀️

Ease into the evening with a guided gentle movement practice to tend to the energies that may still be with you from the day. This will allow your nervous system to regulate and prepare to rest.

Discussion on Releasing Old Narratives 🌱

After releasing and moving static energy, we will discuss how to let go of past versions of yourself and step into your truest nature. You'd be surprised by the magic that arises and new friendships that can blossom by connecting intimately with your community.


Sound Bath for the Soul 🌙

Allow the soothing sacred sounds to create a cocoon of harmonic resonance. Drift into a deep state of profound relaxation and ease. In this space of stillness, tensions can be released and healing energy can pour in.


Take Care and Nourish ☀️

Following the sound experience, indulge in a spread of wholesome snacks and tea to honor your physical body's needs. Experience the uncharted tastes you can sense when you approach each bit in a mindful way!


Your Facilitators
Taylor Chang is a movement and sound facilitator with a calling to serve her community through sharing tools and teachings that lead to deep self-discovery. Inspired by an integrative approach to Eastern practices in a Western world, learned through her 400+ hours of yoga and sound bath training, she integrated holistic healing modalities and somatic psychology to guide students through experiences that enable them to harness these tools to live in a fulfilling way. She uses movement as a means for students to tap into their source of power, all while inviting in levity and play.