9/27 Wellness Wednesday - Unshakable Community Breathwork

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Unshakable Community Breathwork

Let’s ROC. Relax. Open. Connect. Join seasoned Breathwork Facilitator Chris Wilson for an evening of healing through the power of your own breath. All you have to do is show up, lie down, and allow the breath to do the work. 

Session Description: Each session lasts one hour, beginning with a calming grounding meditation before active breathwork begins. Then, using the power of the breath, music, and intentional facilitation, participants will be guided through three stages of active breathing designed to awaken new levels of consciousness, release stress, and open the door for transformation and growth to occur. After the session, participants who want to connect in a community circle will be invited to stay for an additional 30 min. 

Together, we will use the power of the breath to release stress and regenerate the energy and vitality needed to take on the challenges of daily living in a supportive community environment. 


  • Please arrive on time—doors close when the session starts. 
  • Participants will be sent a 10-minute pre-class lesson to learn the breath before class.
  • Bring your own yoga mat
  • Eye masks and blankets are provided
  • Sessions are open to all beginner and advanced breathers

When: September 27th, 7 - 8:30 pm 

Where: Common Space, The Loft. 3108B Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA